10K Training Starts Today

Everyone is a runner. If you accept that then we can begin having a conversation on how to become one.

 At the age of 25, I finished the NYC Triathlon amid 90+ degree heat

At the age of 25, I finished the NYC Triathlon amid 90+ degree heat

The other big perk of racing is that you can use it as an excuse to travel. These athletic events transform a city or town as roads are blocked off and crowds of people begin to form to cheer you on. Sometimes, you get to run down what are usually the busiest streets.

For example, my dad and I flew down to Cuba to compete in a sprint triathlon. The race finished with a 5K run along el Malecón. This coastal street is traditionally filled with classic Cuban cars with waves splashing over the barriers. But on race day, the street was all ours. Sounds cool? It is. 

Now that you are in the racing mentality, you may be asking where to begin.

The first step is to sign up for a race.

Start small with a 5K or 10K.

Why wait? If you are in the New York area, a group of us have already formed a team for Run The Palisades happening on May 7th.

How much time do you need to train?

When talking about races, many people focus on how much time they haven't committed to running. The best part is that in one or two months you can be running a 10K. Then a half-marathon. And if you become addicted, soon you will find yourself running 26.2 miles.

You can add our 7 week training program to your Google or iCal to hit the 10K mark by May 7th. (add the calendar by clicking here).

Anyone that becomes part of our team for the NY Palisades run will be invited to group exercise sessions, hangouts, and other fun activities we plan: https://runsignup.com/RaceGroups/27170

 James and I run our first marathon...in Copenhagen, DENMARK

James and I run our first marathon...in Copenhagen, DENMARK

Great sites to find training programs and races

First, let's begin with training programs:

  1. Hal Higdon Training Programs - Great breakdown for any race distance by beginner, intermediate, and advanced
  2. Nike Run 10K 8 Week Program - Focus on speed, endurance, and recovery

Group Running Resources

Almost every major athletic company (Nike, Adidas, Jack Rabbit) has their own group training program. Other people can give you a deeper dive into these groups. You can become a total bada$$ and run 10,000 miles like Amy McKinnon and be invited to Nike's elite club. Or, these groups can be a nice way for you to get some cardio and socializing in during the week.

(Specific examples for NYC but the idea applies to other places)

  1. Jack Rabbit - you can catch me at the Upper East Side store on Thursday runs at 7:00p.m.
  2. Nike (+ other shoe companies)
  3. Lululemon
  4. Meetup.com - there is a group for everything!

Sign Up for Run The Palisades on May 7th

Click the blue 'Sign Up' or orange 'Join Team' button to be a part of team Diabetes Abroad. All are welcome.

Pssst. Did you want to get the group calendar for the 5K or 10K run happening in the Palisades on may 7th? You can add it by clicking here.