AllTrails: hiking routes to get you outside

You finally agree with your best friend to go on a hike. Nice. Next, you ask with a blank stare, "Where should we go?"

And you sit there realizing that neither of you have an option. Let's solve this problem today.

AllTrails (free app) has the largest collection of detailed, hand-curated trail maps. At least that is what the website says.

The app has filters for hike difficulty (easy, moderate, hard), distance, and other useful features: loop trail, point-to-point, dog friendly, family friendly.

Planning a trip to Bear Mountain

The type 1 diabetes Meetup group in New York City generally gets together once a month for dinner. It's a lot of fun and open to all. 

 An overview of Bear Mountain and the trails available to hike

An overview of Bear Mountain and the trails available to hike

There is a group of us that want to expand beyond dinners and go on hikes, bike trips, and other excursions. I ended up volunteering to plan a trip.

Bear Mountain comes up time and time again as a New Yorker. I decided now is the time to go there.

What are the trails like there? Where would the best place to meet be?

This is where I launch AllTrails to help provide some insight into the hike before ever heading out there myself.

An overview of the map trails (pictured left) gives you options on what to hike.

With a list view available, I choose Bear Mountain Loop Trail and begin to get details. The hike is a 4.1 mile loop with 1,204 ft of elevation change.

An elevation profile of the trail is also available on the app to help you plan the day.

The reviews by other users help rank the trails while also giving some valuable tips if you dive into them further. Some users suggest doing Bear Mountain Loop in reverse as a better day hike. 

The big "record" button in the middle of the home screen allows you to track hikes. This is a great feature to keep a living journal of how many times you have made it outside or to track cardio and exercise. 

Explore trails across the U.S. and beyond

AllTrails is one app in a suite of available options that help us get outside. Last week in travel tech, we covered PeakFinder to identify those mountain tops once you reach the summit (read about it here).

If you have any favorite trails to check out on the app please let us know. And remember to add your hiking photos to our travel map (check it out)

Are you going to get out this weekend for a hike?

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