Travel Like A Pro on Airplanes

"Yes, that is a block of mozzarella cheese from Eataly," I explain to the TSA security guard as my bags get pulled off the conveyer belt.

 Travel Like a Pro: Jamo takes a nap on our way to race in the Copenhagen marathon

Travel Like a Pro: Jamo takes a nap on our way to race in the Copenhagen marathon

The Italian cheese gets wanded for bomb residue and shortly after I am let through to the gates. It will pair perfectly with the crisp apple, bag of potato chips, and full sandwich that is carried in tote by my side.

For some reason, everyone stares at me in envy. Why not bring your own food?

Flying around the world teaches you quickly...

that there is a right way and a wrong way to fly. Now, the diabetic traveler has an extra list of packing materials to bring on the airplane. That conversation will be kept for another time. For now, we are talking about how everyone should fly.

You begin to learn how to do it right when there are so many flights that keeping track of the time zone becomes an important "to-do" item. At the height of it all, there was a moment in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where I realized that instead of having 2 days to explore the city that it was only hours until the flight home through China and out to San Francisco. 

The list of 'luxury' items never to leave without

First thing to know is what kind of bags you are bringing onto the airplane. Casey Neistat, my favorite Vlogger, uses a rolling suitcase with a carry-on that slides over the handles + a backpack to fit everything needed for his adventures.

Pro tip: that backpack you are going to use for hiking Europe fits as carry-on

The gear I tend to bring includes a backpack that has my laptop and other items in it, a reusable cloth bag for all the food, and a duffle bag. Here is what is inside:

  • Apple or other hard fruits. Never bananas because they are easily mushed. Yuck.
  • Granola and dried fruit
  • Cheese and a set of nesting fork, spoon knife (see here)
  • A sandwich from Andrea Foods if I am leaving from Newark airport. Balsamic on the side (don't want the sandwich to get soggy)
  • Reusable water bottle - remember to empty out
  • Starbursts to treat my low blood sugar. Handing one to a crying child also has a 70% chance of putting a smile on their face.
  • Eye mask. Yes, wear an eye mask with pride and catch those zzz's.

Check out Casey really living it up on an airplane and having the time of his life:

You no longer have to step off the airplane tired and hungry. Join the gourmet club flying high in style.

What are your favorite items to bring on the airplane?