Hiking Whistler Ski Resort in the Summer

Being in short and short sleeves on top of a ski mountain looking out on the ranges in the horizon is a remarkable feelingly. Luckily, Liz, who hosted me for a few too many nights in Vancouver, invited me to go hike Whistler Ski Resort in the summer. Count me in.

Day 96: Bike Across America with Type 1 Diabetes

Whistler Ski Resort consists of two mountains: Blackcombe and (Whistler Peak). An absolute must-do is to take the Peak 2 Peak gondola. As the name suggests, this takes you from one peak to the other. What is fascinating is that it holds a Guness Book World Record for highest and longest chairlift in the world. Passing over tree tops makes feels like you’re a helicopter pilot in a National Geographic documentary.

Some specifics:

  • A day pass to use the chairlifts up the mountain is $59.95 CAN
  • A season pass for the hiking is $99 CAN and comes with a benefit of 25% off for two people
  • Appropriate for ALL ages (grandparents, grandchildren, teenage lovers, bicyclists on rest days)

Therefore, Liz bought a season pass and give her friend and myself 25% for the day. The chairlift tickets worked out to roughly $40 CAN.

Here are some beautiful photos to go along with the video about the day: