How to Hike The World with Diabetes

Who else is exciting for Spring to finally arrive so we can get outside? And if you are saying, “But Erik, it has been warm here for so long.” Then I am jealous. Cause NYC has been freezing.


This monthly series is going to start with resources for the beginner hiker and steadily progress to the extreme outdoors. You should follow along if you can relate to any of these feelings:

 Stopping for directions along the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand.

Stopping for directions along the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand.

  • Feeling overwhelmed from a recent diagnosed and concerned about hiking because of low blood sugars
  • You have questions about what to bring with you on day hikes
  • Solo hiking is cool and all. But you would rather be a part of a community
  • The summer has you thinking about trekking across a country. How do you fit your life inside a backpack?
  • Or, one day you dream of doing something extreme. T1D can’t stop me from being crazy!

This disease impacts us all differently so we have gathered stories from all different people to give you many perspectives. We are focusing in on travel stories, technology, tips and tricks, products to help us along, and inspiration from our new friends.

Count me in! How can I stay involved?

Cool. Glad you are excited to get outside. Here are a few quick next steps:

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  2. Ask a question. We have some experts at our fingertips to get you answers.
  3. Submit a hiking photo to our travel map. Our goal is to get at least 30 hiking photos added this month (+1 for each day).

Stay tuned explorers

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