How To Send Us Mail: our itinerary for the Trans America Trail

The U.S. mail service has figured out how to get packages out to bike tourists on the trail. Here is how you label a package properly to make sure it ends up in the right hands.

 Use "General Delivery" + traveler's name + post office address to deliver mail on the trail 

Use "General Delivery" + traveler's name + post office address to deliver mail on the trail 

Also, thank you for being interested in even sending us mail.

Labeling a Package for a TransAm Tourist

Most labels are going to use the words "General Delivery" with the tourist's name underneath. This is followed by the address of the local post office or store. Here is an example to send a letter to the post office in Frisco, Colorado:

c/o Erik Douds
35 Main St
Frisco, CO 80443
attn: TransAm Cyclist
Expected pickup: June 20th

The address in the example above is the post office located in town. You simple google the city name and post office to get this information.

I personally like to add the expected pickup date and the note that this is a TransAm Cyclist

Where to send us stuff:

First, you can view the Google excel sheet of our itinerary (that is updated live): click here.

Day Date Weekday Begin End
0 24-May Wed Wytheville
1 25-May Thursday Wytheville Troutsdale
2 26-May Friday Troutsdale Roseburg
3 27-May Sat Rosedale Lookout
4 28-May Sun Lookout Hindman
5 29-May Monday Hindman Buckhorn
6 30-May Tues Buckhorn Berea
7 31-May Wed Berea Berea
8 1-Jun Thursday Berea Harrosburg
9 2-Jun Friday Harrodsburg Howardstown
10 3-Jun Saturday Howardstown Mammoth Caves
11 4-Jun Sunday Mammoth Caves Hudson
12 5-Jun Monday Hudson Utica
13 6-Jun Tuesday Utica Sebree
14 7-Jun Wednesday Sebree Harrisburg, IL
15 8-Jun Thursday Harrisburg, IL Carbondale
16 9-Jun Friday Carbondale REST
17 10-Jun Saturday REST St Mary
18 11-Jun Sunday St Mary Pilot Knob
19 12-Jun Monday Pilot Knob Elington
20 13-Jun Tuesday Elington Summersville
21 14-Jun Wednesday Summersville Hartsville
22 15-Jun Thursday Hartsville Faregrove
23 16-Jun Friday Faregrove Greensville
24 17-Jun Saturday Greensville Pittsburg
25 18-Jun Sunday Pittsburg Bennedict
26 19-Jun Monday Bennedict Newton
27 20-Jun Tuesday Newton Hutchinson
28 21-Jun Wednesday Hutchinson Rest Day
29 22-Jun Thursday Hutchinson Leonard
30 23-Jun Friday Leonard Ness City
31 24-Jun Saturday Ness City Scott City
32 25-Jun Sunday Scott City Tribune
33 26-Jun Monday Tribune Eads
34 27-Jun Tuesday Eads Ordway
35 28-Jun Wednesday Ordway Pueblo
36 29-Jun Thursday Pueblo Canon City
37 30-Jun Friday Canon City Guffy
38 1-Jul Saturday Guffy Alma
39 2-Jul Sunday Alma Frisco
40 3-Jul Monday Frisco frisco
41 4-Jul Tuesday frisco Frisco
42 5-Jul Wednesday Frisco frisco
43 6-Jul Thursday frisco Denver
44 7-Jul Friday Denver denver
45 8-Jul Saturday denver denver
46 9-Jul Sunday
47 10-Jul Monday 0
48 11-Jul Tuesday Rawlins Rawlins
49 12-Jul Wednesday Rawlins Jeffrey City
50 13-Jul Thursday Jeffrey City Lander
51 14-Jul Friday Lander Dubois
52 15-Jul Saturday Dubois Colter Bay
53 16-Jul Sunday Colter Bay West Thumb
54 17-Jul Monday West Thumb West Yellowstone
55 18-Jul Tuesday West Yellowstone Ennis
56 19-Jul Wednesday Ennis Dillon
57 20-Jul Thursday Dillon Wisdom
58 21-Jul Friday Wisdom Hamilton
59 22-Jul Saturday Hamilton Missoula
60 23-Jul Sunday Missoula REST
61 24-Jul Monday REST Powell
62 25-Jul Tuesday Powell Lowell
63 26-Jul Wednesday Lowell White Bird
64 27-Jul Thursday White Bird New Meadows
65 28-Jul Friday New Meadows Cambridge
66 29-Jul Saturday Cambridge Richland
67 30-Jul Sunday Richland Bakery City
68 31-Jul Monday Bakery City REST
69 1-Aug Tuesday REST Prairie City
70 2-Aug Wednesday Prairie City Mitchell
71 3-Aug Thursday Mitchell Prineville
72 4-Aug Friday Prineville McKenzie Bridge
73 5-Aug Saturday McKenzie Bridge Eugene
74 6-Aug Sunday Eugene Monmoth
75 7-Aug Monday Monmoth Sand Lake Area
76 8-Aug Tuesday Sand Lake Area Cannon Beach
77 9-Aug Wednesday Cannon Beach Astoria

Best Locations to Send Packages

Updated July 5th: We are taking rest days in Missoula, Bakery City, and Eugene.

If you are sending a package to Eugene please write and I'll provide you an address.

Please send an email to if you sent something for the team so we make sure to swing by the post office.

How to Spoil Your Cyclist on The Trail

Many of you following along may have someone that has decided to live life on the trail. Maybe this is for the summer, or possibly longer.

Here are some of our favorite items to receive:

  1. Hand written card with a photo
  2. Dried fruit
  3. Energy bars
  4. Nice sunscreen, skin products (smallest size possible)
  5. Gift cards to local grocery store
  6. Nuts, berries, or other high calorie item

If you are looking for some help on products to pick out, check out what the Wellness Tribe is up to. Head on over to the site.