10+ Explorers Share How Hiking Helps Conquer Diabetes

Helen Mepham (@helenmephamt1d)

For me getting out into the outdoors and hiking especially makes me feel free, away from the craziness of everyday life. It's taught me that whilst T1D is constantly changing you can adapt with it. Just like with New Zealand weather!

Larry Lam (@teamliveyourdream)

For the last 2 years, I’ve woken up at 4:00 AM every Saturday morning to go on a sunrise hike. Why do I get up so early? Because there is nothing more empowering than the feeling of being on top of a mountain while the world around you is still asleep. For a brief moment, you get to forget about all of your fears, worries and struggles. It’s just you and the world around you. And that single moment of clarity for me, is one of the most beautiful things a person could ever experience.

Lauren Bongiorno (lauren_bongiorno)

Hiking allows me the space to practice gratitude- for all my body allows me to do and all it allows me to see in this world

Sarah Vedomske (coffeeandinsulin.com)

With Type 1 diabetes, I spend so much time in my head, but in nature--and particularly while hiking--I am reminded of the profound enormity of the world outside of myself, outside of my body. It is blooming and flowing and shining all around us. It is one thousand breaths of fresh air in every sense, and because of this, I always return from my time outdoors with a deepened sense of connection that informs the way I take care of myself, my chronic illness, and every other aspect of my life. 

Sabrina Hutchings (sabrinaalexandra)

Being outside reminds me how important it is to see the world and how I can do anything despite or maybe even because of my diabetes' (makes us strong!!) 

Amy McKinnon (@amymckinnonnutrition)

Hiking reconnects us with nature, to appreciate what planet earth has provided, respect the magnitude of its beauty and allow us for a moment to forget the challenges of life and living with type 1 diabetes.

Annalisa van den Bergh (@annalisavdbergh)

I think it's important to spend time in places where you don't know what year it is.

Adam Ingoglia (check him out on Diabetes Sports Project)

Though it is always a great accomplishment reaching a peak, for a diabetic, there's an added silent victory that we can all celebrate. Stay active, stay motivated, and keep learning....and just like a grueling hike, always believe in yourself and don't quit!  Having diabetes taught me early in life to never stop trying, and that gave me a leg up when it comes to hiking.

Rachel Martin (@type1diabetesliving)

Spending time outdoors has taught me to slow down; which is a tall order in today's world. Whenever I'm having a busy day or a stubborn blood sugar that won't budge (grr!) I step outside, close my eyes, and breathe. The sounds and smells of nature are so primal; It really keeps me grounded.

Maria DeSantis

Being a diabetic and keeping active is a constant battle between wanting to keep pushing myself versus wanting to give up. Hiking has taught me that to get to the "view" or the top of a hill you will have to work hard and push yourself to see what the top has to offer - which is how I feel about being diabetic. We all have endless amount of fights we have to go through, but, it's those good days that I fight to reach.