PeakFinder: what's the name of that mountain?

ARTHUR'S PASS, New Zealand - After being on the Te Araroa trail for three weeks, Marty and I decided to take a road trip around the entire south island of New Zealand (thanks again Tosh for the car.) Our day hike up Avalanche Peak felt effortless as we hiked without the weights of our packs.

The view over the famous gold mining valley of Arthur's Pass is a view to soak in:

 Erik stands at the top of Avalanche Peak looking out with Snypex binoculars

Erik stands at the top of Avalanche Peak looking out with Snypex binoculars

Wow. This moment takes me back.

To the left is a glacier melting away. One of the first I have ever seen in my life.

And look at all those peaks! But what are their names?

Luckily, there is an app called PeakFinder (4.99$) that works offline to identify mountains on your horizon. Check it out:

PeakFinder claims to have over 300,000 mountain tops and hills stored in its database. You have some various view options:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Peak directory (search)
  3. Visible Peaks

The mode you utilize in the outdoors is 'Visible Peaks.' You can see the black and white screenshot from above that displays mountain names in real time.

Moving your phone like a pair of binoculars rotates the scenery and the mountain names automatically adjust.

The elevation can also be changed by the up and down arrows on the left side of the screen to reveal more of the mountain range.

Perks for Survival

Anyone that has done some orientation with a physical map knows there are difficulties. Getting turned around can really put your group at risk. There are ways to use a compass to help triangulate your position, but what if the sun is already setting and you have to get going?

PeakFinder can quickly point out mountain peaks to orient you on the trail. Pretty sweet. Potentially, a life saver.

Psst. The units can be changed between meters and feet. They know we are a global group of hikers.

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