How to Surive Low Blood Sugar and Sea Sickness

As soon as my flipper hits the deck, the continuous glucose monitor reconnects with the iPhone and an alert begins to ring: “urgent low.”

The pastel houses with marblesque staircases hanging off the cliffs become blurry on the horizon as my stomach churns. Welcome to the mix of seasickness and low blood sugar. This is a new type of low.

Tips to Survive Sea Sickness

The Dominican snorkeling guides have spent a lifetime on the water. I was certainly not their first seasick passenger. There are some very simple and straightforward tricks to help you with seasickness:

  1. Grab a handful of ice and rub it on your head and neck. This option may be limited since it requires ice, yet the results are felt instantly.
  2. Keep your eyes on the horizon. Your head feels like a brick so it is only natural to stare down at your knees. Instead, lift your head up and stare at the horizon to help keep your mind on level ground.
  3. Treat your low blood sugar. A handful of Starbursts began to elevate my blood sugar, followed by sips of soda. This is the most torturous 15 minutes of your life as the waves toss you around in a moment of true weakness.
  4. Breath deep.

The normal triggers for a low blood sugar can easily be masked by crashing waves, catching your breath, or simply staying afloat. This makes it essential to take precautionary steps before getting into the water.

How can you help someone?

For the type 3s in this community (friends and family), here is how you can help save someone's life. If you see any of the following warning signs ask the person if you can get them something to eat or help in anyway:

  • excessive sweating
  • fatigue / tiredness
  • shaky hands
  • it looks like someone sprinted around a track

The cure for low blood sugar is sugar. That is why diabetics carry around candy.

When has a low stopped you?

Having an activity disrupted by a dangerous low can be discouraging. These moments may knock us down, or in my case stumble around, but we must stand up and give it another chance. If we let a little touch of fear keep us from the things we love than how could we ever pursue true happiness in life?

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