Become An Explorer

Our goal is to collect a story, photo, or quote from every country in the world and U.S. State. This is to prove that diabetes is a global disease with a community in every corner of our planet.

Think you can help that mission? Perfect! Then we would love to have you submit your work:

  • Travel Map Photo: Include a photo + location. Need inspiration?  Click here to view our map of explorer photos.
  • Travel Essay: A 500+ word story about a specific place and time. Capture our hearts and minds. Include photos. Pick one tense and stick to it.
  • How I survived...: Those scary and crazy moments that happen to T1D explorers (sea sickness, an infection in the Himalayas, biking 100 miles in Texas heat)
  • Tips, Tricks & Tech: Share us all those nifty little things you do while traveling. Be specific! What apps or gear do you love?
  • Race Review: athletic events are filled with energy, challenges, accomplishments, and maybe even failures. Share your experience and encourage others to join in.
  • City Guide: Imagine you had to show a friend this destination in 72 hours. Where would you take them? What are your favorite places? Advice on food and new experiences that this city only offers? (We hope to have a more detailed guide soon)
  • Diabetes Ally: a shoutout to the places that keep us healthy! We really appreciate photo with the owners, quotes from the place on why they support a healthy lifestyle, and anything else that fellow T1Ds would love to see.
  • Epics: So, you have a tall tale to share? These are 1,500+ words or gorgeous photo essays that suck people into your world. What is the story you would share around a campfire? What details do you always omit when someone asks, "How was your trip?" A useful tool for beginners to get into this category is use iPhoto to create an iBook and export that as a PDF.

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