Do you pack your bags every weekend?

Great, so do we. 

DiabetesAbroad is looking for individuals from across the globe to share what it is like to travel and live with diabetes. You may be a photographer, YouTuber, writer, or photo essayist. Maybe you are simply curious about becoming an explorer. Our mission as a team is to prove that this is a global disease that has no borders or limits on where one can go explore.

Oh yeah, we also love graphic designers.

As a team members we aim to:

  • Get you hooked up with swag, invitations to events, and plan special trips
  • Connect you to a group that will only make you want to travel more
  • Pair photographers with writers; writers with video-makers; collaborations amongst us all
  • Share the tips and tricks of traveling with this disease, while highlighting best practices from countries around the world

Still interested? Apply to be on the first Explorer's Team of 2017:


Feel free to use the graphic below to share on any appropriate channel...

Explorer (1).jpg