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Total: 422,000,000 people live with diabeteS

Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile)

  • Pancreas does not work
  • Treatment with injections
  • Lifetime diagnosis
  • Pain in the ass to live with

Type 2 Diabetes (Late Onset)

  • Pancreas cannot meet body's demand
  • Treatment by oral medication and/or injections
  • Can possibly reverse diagnosis
  • Pain in the ass to live with

Hey I'm Erik. 

That "K" means my family is Swedish.

I help diabetics explore the world

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  • Rocky Butte, OR
  • Easter Island
  • Lukla Airport, Nepal

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Days Biking Across America:


Started in Virginia: May 24th, 2017
Finished in Los Angeles: October, 27th, 2017

Taking November off to write.

Dedicated to Charles T. Douds

Diagnosed in 1940 at the age 9 with Type 1 Diabetes

Many doctors said he would die young

Lived a full life until the age of 82